Compressed Air Productivity Tools for Cooling

Cool machining operations; set solders; set adhesives; dehumidify gas samples; cool mold tooling; cool electronic control cabinets; temperature cycle thermostats, instruments, and electronics; cool workers in protective garments; test temperature sensors; cool industrial sewing needles; cool through evaporation

Vortex A/CVortex A/C Enclosure Cooler
(NEMA 4, 4X)

Just as quiet as an air conditioner (about 62 dBA), the  noise level is 73% less than other conventional, vortex type cabinet coolers.

Vortex Enclosure CoolersVortex Enclosure Cooler
(NEMA  12, 4, 4X)

Use filtered compressed air to keep enclosures cool &  clean-without using Freon, ammonia or other refrigerants.

SprayvectorsSprayvector Air/Liquid  Sprayers
Deliver atomized sprays for evaporative cooling, moisturization,  atomization and humidification..

Vortex TubesVortex Tubes (100 BTUH to 6000  BTUH)
Use filtered compressed air to make cold air (to -40*F) or hot air  (to 250*F).

Sewing Needle CoolersVortex Sewing Needle Cooler  Systems
Use filtered compressed air to eliminate heat-related needle  breakage when stitching multiple thicknesses of tough man-made materials.

Cold Air GunsCold  Air Gun Spot Cooling Systems
Eliminate mist coolants & accelerate dry  machining speeds of metals, plastics, wood & ceramics up to 36%.

Hot Air GunAdjustable Hot Air Gun Spot  Heating Systems
Use filtered compressed air to produce air temperatures  up to 250*F for spot preheating of parts & processes.

MancoolingVortex Mancooling / Manheating Systems
Use filtered compressed air to keep workers cool or warm under  most protective clothing.

Compressed Air FiltersFilters / Water Traps /  Pressure Regulators
Are used to help ensure clean compressed air  conditions for air operated  equipment.

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