Compressed Air Productivity Tools for Maintenance

Two-Way Drum Pump for Fast Cleanout of Sumps and Parts Washers

Dual Force Vac

ITW Vortec has introduced the new Dual-Force Vac - a powerful yet economical two-way drum pump. Its all-new, patent pending design offers many unique features. The quiet and safe operation of this air-powered drum pump means no motor burn out and no shock hazard. This high quality, dual mode drum pump is priced at or below other's vacuum-only models.

Features & Benefits

                        More powerful operation

                     Pulls liquids up to 33 GPM

    New fast-turn switch changes fill to empty mode in seconds

      Swivel head design provides easier movement

        Safe downward exiting exhaust air

  No motor burn out - no electric shock hazard

Automatic safety shutoff valve prevents overflows

         Relief valve limits internal drum pressure to 8 PSIG

           Virtually no maintenance - quiet operation

*Resistant to most non-volatile, non-flammable liquids
 - Installs on 55 gallon drum (not included) in less than a minute - Uses UN/1A1/X1.8/300 rated drum

  • The Dual-Force Vac is truly a versatile, plant maintenance tool for fast cleaning and pump in / pump out handling of:
    Coolant sumps, even with chips and swarf
    Tramp oil
    Sludge and waste water from parts washers
    Hydraulic oil
    Liquid spills
    And much more

Using filtered compressed air, the heart of the Dual-Force Vac is ITW Vortec’s Transvector® air amplifier, which moves a large volume of air using a lesser amount of compressed air. Electric driven vacuums frequently experience motor burnout from handling liquids. The Dual-Force Vac offers both safe and powerful vacuuming of fluids, as well as instant pump out capability.

Dual-Force Vac (for wet pick up & pump out)      Model 2109 specifications

Dual Force Vac Components

Model #: 2109 Dual-Force Vac (for wet pick up & pump  out)
includes: (1) pump body assembly with over flow preventer &  pressure relief valve, (1) ball valve with 1/4"NPT(F), (1) hose drum connection,  (1) extension wand, (1) drum evacuation tube, (1) hose (1-1/4" x 10' long)/2-way  vacuum pick up & drum pump out.  Drum not included.

List Price:  $622.00  ORDER NOW

Recommended products: 2102 (below),

Dual-Force Spill Pick-up Kit         Model 2102 specifications

Dual Force Vac Spill Pic-ip Kit

Model #: 2102 Spill Pick Up Floor Kit (for 2109  Dual-Force Vac)
includes: (1) double-bend aluminum wand & (1)  squeegee

List Price: $139.00 ORDER NOW

2201 Wet Spill Pick-up

Model #: 2201  Spill Pick Up System (5 gallon canister)
includes: Pump Body Assembly, muffler, (1) 5 gallon canister, (1) wand, (1)  squeegee, (1) ball valve, (1) hose (1-1/4" x 6' lg.).  1/4"NPT inlet. Use for wet vacuum  pick up only.

List Price:  $249.00  CLOSEOUT $ 130.00 one only at this price

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