The quiet Vortex A/C Enclosure Coolers

Avoid any downtime, with the most affordable, reliable, and easiest to install thermal protection product available for electrical enclosures!

Now Available the Vortex A/C HazLoc with UL Classification for Class I Div. 2, Class II Div. 2, and Class III Hazardous Locations.  Press Release

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Vortex A/C

Features & Benefits

  • Compared to a refrigerant-based air conditioner:
  • Is half to 1/3 the cost
  • Is less than 1/10th the size
  • Installs in a fraction of the time
  • Requires no electrical connections
  • Has a warranty that’s 10 times longer
  • The most affordable, reliable and easiest to install of any thermal
    protection product available for electrical enclosures!
  • Maintains NEMA 4, 4X ratings
  • UL listed
  • Models for 900, 1500 and 2500 BTUH of cooling

Just as quiet as an air conditioner (about 62 dBA), the Vortex A/C™ noise level is 73% less than other conventional, vortex type cabinet coolers. When the thermostatically-controlled Vortex A/C is operating, the decibel level is about the same as normal human conversation!

This next generation, Vortex Cooler features an integral mechanical thermostat to conserve energy and maintain enclosure temperatures within a range of 80° to 90°F. Requiring only a compressed air supply to operate, the UL listed Vortex A/C quickly installs in a 1.5″ knockout hole to keep electrical control panels cool, clean and protected.

When the going gets tough…

Using vortex tube technology, cold air is generated by the Vortex A/C from the compressed air supply and is distributed throughout the enclosure. Since ambient air never enters the cabinet, it’s perfect for harsh, dirty environments. In fact, the Vortex A/C features an optional “purge-air” port that, when opened, will provide a constant positive pressure inside the enclosure to purge the cabinet of any contaminated surrounding air. Withstanding extreme temperature conditions, the Vortex A/C will provide reliable cooling operation in environments up to 175°F (79° C).

Compare the Differences

Vortex A/C
Refrigerant-based Air conditioners
Physical Size (in cubic inches) 160 3200 to 5200
Average Installation Time 15 minutes 3 hours
Maximum Ambient Temperature 175°F (79°C) 131°F (55°C)
Operating noise level 62-64dBA 62-64dBA
Optional continuous enclosure purge Yes No
Warranty 10 Years 1 Year

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