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Vortex Cooler Systems, thermostatically controlled operation:  Thermostatic Operation Vortex Coolers consist of a Vortex Cooler, Cold Air Ducting Kit, and an Air Line Filter, plus an Adjustable Thermostat and Solenoid Valve.  Click on the Model specifications link for details of each system.

Models 711, 750 specifications

Model #: 750 Vortex Thermostatic Cooler System (400  BTUH)
Thermostat control, 8 SCFM, 1/8″NPT inlet, with air filter, solenoid, thermostat, and ducting kit:  400 BTUH  (101 kCAL/hr).  Electrical connection required.  Complete with 711 Cooler, 711M-43 ducting kit, 721T-70 Valve and Thermostat kit, and 701S-24A air line filter

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