Air Jet

Air Jet Air Amplifiers


  • Reduce compressed air consumption drastically
  • Help meet OSHA noise specifications
  • Meet OSHA dead-end pressure specifications — even supplied with 150 PSIG
  • Wide range of styles and thrust performance meet specific application requirements

Transvector Energy Saving Blowoff Air Jets

Air Jets are designed to reduce compressed air consumption and noise drastically compared to other open jets.  Transvector air jets are round throated air amplifiers; one end provides a strong airflow while the other creates suction as free air is entrained. 

To accomplish these impressive air savings, we incorporate proven Transvector amplification principle in our air jet designs.  When compressed air enters the air jet, it fills a chamber with only one exit path — a 0.002” (0.051mm) annular orifice.  As air passes through this orifice, it accelerates to 1000 feet (304.8m) per second, entraining free surrounding air as it exits.  The result is airflow volumes up to 25 times more than compressed air supplied — more work done with less air consumed.


Vortec Transvector Blowoff products use the proven Transvector impulse principle to reduce noise and compressed air consumption while delivering the same results as open air jets.  Amplification ratios of up to 25 times greater than the compressed air consumption enable Transvector Blowoff products to produce enormous energy savings.  Plant wide conversion can result in reduced capital expenditures for additional compressors.  For example, a 1/4” diameter open jet can consume the entire SCFM of a 10 HP compressor at 100 PSIG.  Conversely, Transvector Blowoff products considerably less SCFM than open air jets and meet OSHA requirements.


Transvector Jets and Blowoff Nozzles use the same impulse principle described in the Round Transvector section.  Compressed air is released at sonic velocity through an annular orifice 0.002”.  As the air passes through the orifice, it collides with surrounding air inducing and entraining a much larger mass of air.  Blowoff nozzles are designed to maximize the speed of compressed air enabling it to move large masses of secondary air.


Transvector Blowoff products are available as Jets or Nozzles to meet the needs of different applications.  Transvector Jets have a round throat design which is similar to the larger Transvectors.  Ideal for parts ejection and other heavy-duty blowoff applications, Transvector Jets can also be used for air conveying and spraying.  Transvector Nozzles provide greater flow amplification with slightly less thrust.  Nozzles are ideal for clustering in tight spaces, close to a target because the inlet and outlet are on the same center line. 

The flow of all Transvector Nozzles and Jets can be varied by regulating the compressed air line pressure.  Several units can also be adjusted for different flows, irrespective of line pressure.

The Model 909 Transvector Set Jet has a micrometer dial for easy manual adjustment of the airflow.  Greater flow provides more thrust and effective range.  The adjustable flow feature allows you to position the Transvector in a location that is most convenient, then adjust the flow for minimum air consumption to accomplish your blowoff objectives.

The Models 901, 901B, and 901D are also adjustable for flow.  These models are designed with a two piece body that can be unscrewed, allowing you to add gap shims.  Adding gap shims increases the opening of the annular orifice from the factory setting.  As the compressed airflow through the nozzle increases, so does the force and range of the amplified airflow.

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