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Models 855, 857, 859, 863 specifications

ITW Vortec’s Diffuse-Air Vest makes efficient use of the heating and/or cooling power of the Vortec Personal Cooling and Heating System.  When worn alone or under overalls or a protective suit, the Diffuse-Air Vest distributes tempered air over the upper body. The inner lining of the diffuse-air vest has hundreds of tiny holes that allow cool or warm air from the Vortex Tube cooler to flow over the upper torso of the body where it is needed most.  The vest’s collar is designed to divert cool or warm air to the face if needed. Vest with lapels and velcro closures, use with any Vortex  Mancooler

  • Allows a full range of motion with no airflow restrictions
  • Insulates and muffles air noise
  • Hook and loop closure permit easy dressing
  • Can be used with all ITW Vortec Personal Air Conditioning units

Model #: 865  Large Diffuse Air Vest : Sale Price: $138  ORDER NOW

Model #: 867 X-Large Diffuse Air Vest:  Sale Price: $152 ORDER NOW

Model #: 869 2X-Large Diffuse Air Vest: Sale Price: $179 ORDER NOW

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