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Dual Nozzle Cold Air Gun (VORTEC)


Dual Nozzle Cold Air Gun by Vortec

Multi-Point Spot Cooling for Machining, Repair Shops and More

Cold Air Guns use vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to produce sub-freezing air as low as -30 deg F (-34 deg C) for numerous industrial spot cooling applications. With no moving parts to wear out, Cold Air Guns require no electricity at the target, just a compressed air source.
Cold Air Guns are most often used for cooling of metal parts, in the machining and repair of metals, plastics, wood, ceramics and other materials. Cold air machining outperforms mist coolants and substantially increases tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. The effective cooling from a Cold Air Gun can eliminate heat-related parts growth while improving parts tolerance and surface finish quality. Cold Air Guns have adjustable temperature and flow settings; and some models have a frost free nozzle to eliminate mess from frost and condensation. The Dual Point Nozzle is ideal for applications where multi-directional cooling is needed, such as band saw blades, circular saw blades, and drill bits, among others.


  • Increase dry machining speeds up to 36%
  • Extend tool life by 50%
  • Eliminates the mess, expense and safety concerns of using mist coolants
  • Reduce waiting or normalization time by cooling parts faster
  • Eliminate the potential for burning and scorching
  • Avoid secondary parts cleaning after machining
  • Reduce grinding wheel loading caused by overheating
  • Airflow clears sawdust, chips, shavings and dirt away from surface



  • Flexible, dual nozzles provide cooling at two points simultaneously
  • Creates cold air up to 100 F deg (38 C deg) below the inlet compressed air temperature
  • Quiet operation; meets OSHA noise specifications
  • Adjustable temperature and flow rate
  • Highly reliable with no moving parts
  • Low pressure outlet air
  • Uses only compressed air – no Freon
  • System includes a magnetic base and a 5 micron auto-drain compressed air filter
  • Magnetic base allows for easy, close in positioning and easy portability

*Data Sheet V612 DataSheet CCS


SPECIFICATION 612 612-1 622 622-1 632 632-1
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 900 900 1500 1500 2500 2500
Minimum Outlet Temperature (deg F) -10 -10 10 10 30 30
Compressed Air Pressure (psig) 80 – 100 80 – 100 80 – 100 80 – 100 80 – 100 80 – 100
Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 15 15 25 25 35 35
Inlet Size 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT 1/4″ NPT
Outlet Air Flow Rate (scfm) 2 – 15 2 – 15 8 – 25 8 – 25 18 – 35 18 – 35
Recommended Filter Size 25 scfm 25 scfm 25 scfm 25 scfm 35 scfm 35 scfm
Recommended Filter 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-24A
System or Gun Only? System Gun Only System Gun Only System Gun Only
Dimensions (inches)
Overall Length 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8 18 5/8
Diameter 1 3/4 1 3/4 1 3/4 1 3/4 1 3/4 1 3/4
Nozzle Length 8 8 8 8 8 8
Flexible Nozzles Diameter 1 1 1 1 1 1
Outlet Diameter (ID) 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8
Magnetic Base Height 4 1/8 4 1/8 4 1/8
Weight (lbs) 3.0 1.0 3.0 1.0 3.0 1.0
Supply Hose
Diameter (inches) 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8 1/2 1/2
Maximum Recommended Distance (feet) 25 25 15 15 30 30


*Filter included with Cold Air Gun Systems

Dual Cold Air Gun SYSTEM includes 5 micron air filter and magnetic base. Also available for purchase with Cold Air Gun ONLY.



The Carolina Paper Company (CPC), a 13-year old firm based in North Carolina, re-shapes large parent paper rolls into usable paper products including paper towels, napkins and toilet paper. CPC has a strong commitment to green business policies, designing everything from pallet configuration to product packaging to minimize waste, and working with paper vendors to reduce toxins. As a full line supplier of paper products, CPC emphasizes producing high quality paper products using sustainable methods.

The Challenge

As Carolina Paper Company’s Maintenance Manager, Ronald Laun is responsible for factory upkeep, preventative maintenance and ensuring optimal performance of all machines. The process of turning 55”diameter parent rolls into a small enough size to be used as paper towels and toilet paper involves rewinding as well as cutting the paper. Given the difference in size between the parent rolls and the finished product, the cutting process is extensive and can generate levels of heat which hinder equipment performance. Laun explains “In cutting our paper logs, we use a 40-inch diameter circular blade to saw through logs from 4” to 12” diameter at up to 50 cuts per minute. The sawing process creates a lot of friction and heat. Once you reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the blade begins to wobble and at that point it’s unsafe to continue cutting anymore. Our production was slowed down because we could only make a certain number of cuts to the log before having to take a break to permit the blade to cool.” By incorporating Vortec Cold Air Guns into their production, CPC was able to improve production by making, on average, 42% more cuts.“Another positive was that by keeping the blade cooler we didn’t scorch the ends of the final product. So in the end we increased production and quality.”

The Solution

Laun’s previous experience working in the textile field led him to see a possibility for enhancing this cutting process through the use of air products. He notes that “I knew if we could keep the blade cool, we could continue cutting for a longer period of time and that would improve production times. I went looking online for an air products company. I compared a few vendors, and Vortec stood out as innovators in their field—they pioneered the idea of vortex technology, so it made sense to go with them.”

Upon contacting Vortec, Laun was pleased that their engineers immediately grasped Carolina Paper Company’s need and were able to work with him to customize a solution. The Vortec 630 Cold Air Gun was retrofitted into the design of the log saw used to cut the large logs of paper. The cold, clean air supplied by the Vortec 630 Cold Air Gun guarantees that the temperature of the cutting blade remains cool enough to continue cutting for longer periods of time. Additionally, the dual nozzle enabled cooling of both sides of the blade, further improving the effectiveness of the Cold Air Gun in cooling the hot blade.


“Vortec’s technology is excellent and their people are very easy to work with” says Laun. “We are very pleased with our association with them.” After using Vortec’s Cold Air Gun for 3 months, Laun notes he has already extolled the virtues of Vortec’s products to other companies: “One of our other equipment manufacturers was at the factory and I showed him the retrofitting along with the data about how much our production had improved. He was very impressed.”