Dual Action Mancooling Tubes (900 – 1140BTUH)-DISCONTINUED

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Dual Action Personal Air Conditioning Tubes


C.C.Steven/Vortexair.biz apologizes for any inconvenience, this product has been discontinued without much notice. Please call us if you would like us to discuss a replacement product. We suggest that you go to the Cooling only version of this product https://www.vortexair.biz/product/integrated-personal-air-conditioning-cooling-22525-22735-22935/


Model #: 29625/29635 Vortex Mancooling/Manheating Tubes

Model #: 29625, 900BTUH Capacity Cooling, 900BTUH Capacity Heating:  

Model #: 29635, 1140BTUH Capacity Cooling, 900BTUH Capacity Heating: 


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